Hi there! We're Megan and Brynlee, the machines behind The Stockplace. We first met fifteen years ago in a dance class. We were skinny, scrawny, brace-faced ballerinas, so naturally we became fast friends. Eventually we moved on from tights and leotards and found ourselves performing on the same college dance team, the BYU Cougarettes. And oh, were those the glory days! Later, as we studied abroad together in London, we fully realized our passion for shopping (and pastries) along Oxford Street and in Leicester Square. 

It only took a couple embarrassing moments of us showing up to events dressed in the exact same clothes (seriously—we met at the airport for our first Stockplace business trip sporting identical outfits) to realize just how similar our fashion taste really is. Now, as stay-at-home moms who love to shopbut have smaller budgetswe decided to help our fellow moms, sisters and friends find those standout (yet fabulously inexpensive!) pieces we're always looking for. We believe that every girl should feel cute and confident in the clothes she wears, so we hope The Stockplace can do that for you!